Tuesday, February 28, 2006

RS2: Blaming Miniclip for all the evils of Runescape

The golden age of Runescape

Long ago and far away in a land that time has forgotten there was a game called Runescape, which people eventually realized was NOT Run-escape but Rune-scape. In this fair land all were good, true, loyal, brave and polite.

Miniclip ends the age of innocence

Then came the evil known as Miniclip. Runescape was listed as the best free online world on this site. And lo! Evil newbies poured forth in uncountable numbers from tutorial island. The once fair land of Runescape was covered in darkness. Thenceforth good was vanquished forevermore. Scammers, beggars, trash talkers and the liked now ruled the once fair Lumbridge.

What is Meili babbling about this time??

Well, in plainer talk, there is currently a feeling or popular idea that the old Runescape used to be good until it was advertised in Miniclip, which caused it to be flooded with annoying 12 year olds. An example of this is this quote from Tip It:

I have been playin runescape for about a year now when i first started playing everyone was really kind and nice and the word noob was rarely used. varrock sq used to be full of people all lvls helping each other out it wasnt rare for a high lvl player to help out a lvl 3 the game wasnt about who had done the most quests or who had the highest lvls it was bout helpin ppl makin friends nd just avin a nice time on the computer. But now a year later that has all but vanished. There is no peace anymore Noob is the most common word in the Runescape dictionary people ask for help and they get called a noob there are no more helping other ppl u cnt even trust ur own friend ne more as you think theyll scam u. WHY HAS THE PEOPLE OF RUNESCAPE CHANGED?

I, for one, do not recall Runescape ever being noob-or-child-free. Never has everyone been always friendly and nice to me. Am I actually playing a different game from the person I quoted above? There have *always* been beggars, scammers, noobs, etc. for as long as I have been playing. Sorry, I don't removing Runescape from Miniclip would make the game nicer.