Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jagex Phone Number - Customer Support for Runescape

If you want to know the Jagex phone number, it is actually on their website at You should note that their number is not for customer support.
+44 (0)844 500 6699. Please note: This number is not for Customer Support calls. 

So basically, this is useless if you want to talk about your banned account or any other Runescape-related customer service details - except for billing support. You can email Jagex at

Jagex phone number


Bramber said...

Lol, I will call them to thank them for their great game. :P

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Cherrie Wang said...

Is it ture? I still doubt that you can publish the real number.

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Relztik1 said...

Will you be updating this blog anytime soon?

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