Friday, March 02, 2007

Black hole fun in Runescape - an early punishment for cheats

Alas Fisher Mark, I knew him not at all. Is titled "Grudges of Runescape" and apparently created as an online petition of sorts for Fisher Mark, a Runescape player who was banished to the black hole by Moderator.

Notice the age of the screenshots where the fps (frames per second) can be clearly seen on the bottom right hand corner of the picture. Unlike the majority of stories by those who have been banned, this is very humorous.

This site is temporarily dedicated to the loss of Fisher Mark and his long time apprentice Rs Helper. Fisher Mark is furiously trying to dig his way out of the black hole after moderator pushed him in when he was fishing, and come to justice with the asswipe that ratted him out as a macro user, Big10fan.

It finishes with a plaintive request for other players to buy a spade and dig into the black hole for Fisher Mark.

Not that I am endorsing macroing or Runescape cheats but the web site is just hilarious and the pictures are very old and funny.


Destrukt said...

That's a funny story lol. Does digging with a spade really dig up the black hole?

ixfd64 said...

Yeah, I remember that site. I miss those days. :(

coldcavekewl said...

Fishing Runescape 2