Thursday, August 05, 2010

More old Runescape Classic Websites

Wow it seems like there are more old Runescape Classic websites out there.

It is a mirror of an old Geocities website. Perhaps the player's name was mowbuss? In any case it has loads of stuff like the names of Jagex stuff, pictures of famous players, skill guides, news updates, etc.

I particularly like the caption of one of his pictures:

"This one is of Waylan, taken from the church in Ardougne, just after I was pking with toolman (notice I don't have a skull, because people attack me then toolman kills them)."

Hahahaha! He and his friend Waylan were pking together and using a common strategy - the noob bait. That is when a higher level pker brings along a lower level guy that people will tend to attack. Then the higher level pker kills them once they have a skull. Great stuff, it brought back memories.

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