Thursday, November 24, 2005

First post!

Welcome to my new Runescape blog!

I am the webmaster of Meili's Runescape Pics. This blog will be for my writings, the site will continue to have the pictures.

The name of this blog is from one of my favorite places to hang out in RS1 (the old version of Runescape, now known as Runescape Classic), the stripey bank in Ardougne. Since this was the bank closest to the lever for p2p wilderness, this is the bank most pkers and high levels used.


Runescape Awards said...

Wow - I've never play RS1... only been playing RS2 for just over a year.

Your pictures of RS Gaming are an awesome time-warp - a nice look back at how the game used to be.

Many thanks for keeping it all online.

Anonymous said...

Heya meili
blind3d here :)
how ar you kido ... :))
if u whana talk with me about old times :)
kiss u :)

mmorpg games said...

Cool blog, I love Runescape!

Anonymous said...

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