Saturday, August 07, 2010

Jagex and the Runescape Community

You know, back in the day, Jagex used to get involved in the community more. I already posted the link to M Oldfield's wedding which had Paul Gower making it official and even making a system message for everyone to see. They also used to post updates about players.

Here is an official Jagex announcement that was published on their news page.
29th January 2003 - Runescape romance turns real

Yet more wedding bells! So Runescape rings DO have special properties.

"I started playing 8 months ago...The last thing I was looking for was another relationship, especially via an internet game. But find one I did, or it found me..."

Lady Pooh met Topcat0711 whilst playing Runescape, and being more charming than the seven hundred odd Topcats that had preceeded him, they soon became trading partners. An act of chivalry took the relationship to a whole new level.

"One day he'd won a stake duel... because of the winnings I teasingly said 'hey wanna be my rs bf?' not meaning it... But after that we joked about it and kept talking, until we fell in love through Runescape and got to know each other better."

Lady Pooh, who hails from Ohio in the USA, is now set to become Mrs.Topcat0711. She even flew over to his native Australia, swapping server-lag for jet-lag to be with her new love.

"I've been here in Australia for 6 weeks now and we get along great! We are making long term plans and its all thanks to you! We just wanted you to know that you created more than just a's a connection to life and happiness." So it's official then: Cupid does exist. As an NPC in Runescape.
Here is another announcement about a Runescape wedding. It's super cute and I know both of the people involved from the Runescape forums.
29th January 2003 - In low HP,and in health

It had to happen eventually. When 200,000 people interact online, it can only be a matter of time before someone pops the question...

We heard from PugXSi, a veteran of Runescape who is currently 4th overall with 1473 total stats. At 99 in magic and 96 in firemaking, there was still one stat that seemed to be eluding him: romance. Then Runescape "gave me something I didn't think possible- eternal happiness with a fantastic woman."

The woman in question was Jenstarr, a regular of the Dwarven mines. PugXSi soon noticed that she was a bit handy with a pick. "She worked extremely hard to become a rune miner...I hadn't seen such devotion to a skill before."

Sensing that they had struck gold, the two miners would chat online for hours. "It didn't take me long to develop real feelings for her", and an in-game marriage duly followed. Some time later, PugXSi flew from England to the U.S. to meet Jenstarr in person.

A second trip took place at Christmas, but it was more than just santa hats that were up for grabs. On January 3rd PugXSi and Jenstarr got married at a local courthouse. "Runescape is the sole factor in bringing Jen and I together, and for that, Jagex will always have our gratitude." Don't thank us, PugXSi, thank the magic of the runes.
You won't see these news in the Jagex news archive because for some unknown reason they removed them. Maybe so that people wouldn't contrast the old, friendly game staff with the new corporate one?

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Thursday, August 05, 2010

More old Runescape Classic Websites

Wow it seems like there are more old Runescape Classic websites out there.

It is a mirror of an old Geocities website. Perhaps the player's name was mowbuss? In any case it has loads of stuff like the names of Jagex stuff, pictures of famous players, skill guides, news updates, etc.

I particularly like the caption of one of his pictures:

"This one is of Waylan, taken from the church in Ardougne, just after I was pking with toolman (notice I don't have a skull, because people attack me then toolman kills them)."

Hahahaha! He and his friend Waylan were pking together and using a common strategy - the noob bait. That is when a higher level pker brings along a lower level guy that people will tend to attack. Then the higher level pker kills them once they have a skull. Great stuff, it brought back memories.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Old Runescape System Message

Incredible! I just found M Olfield's Runescape Classic website. Just look at this picture of the system message that Jagex made for his wedding with Ladymedusa.

Runescape System Message

That was back February 14, 2002 when Paul Gower used to get involved in community events. Runescape weddings were very popular in-game and people would attend to meet everyone else who was there and to support the couple. Sometimes there would be a drop party afterward. There's tons of other pictures so visit the site now.