Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Play the Old Version of Runescape

Runescape Classic link

It seems that a lot of people are finding this blog when they are looking for the old version of Runescape. So there's the link for you to play Runescape classic.

Play Runescape Classic

Only existing RuneScape classic members can play RuneScape classic,
new players can only enroll during the next trial period.
Only two types of account can play RuneScape Classic: those who played RuneScape Classic at least once from August 3rd 2005 to February 3rd 2006, and those who played in the two-week open period from 11th November 2009 to 25th November 2009. You must have been a member to have played RuneScape Classic during this period.

If, on the other hand, you want to look at pictures of old Runescape you can visit my website at . It has pictures, link, stories and lots of information about old Runescape. RS classic bugs like the knife bug and mmmm bug are also found there.